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Transformation Talk (Mwanza): Diversity and Inclusion

Transformation Talks are aimed at giving practical, experienced-based insights we can all learn from and thus lead transformation in the society, by amplifying the stories of those that are making a difference.

This month's theme is 'Diversity and Inclusion' which is what helps to facilitate collaboration and cooperation in any entity. It encourages being able to respect different perspectives. Diversity is simply understanding there is a mix of different people (based on gender, age, physical abilities, religion and so forth) with different ideologies whereas Inclusion is making that mix work efficiently and for the benefit of that entity.

In realizing the industrialization dream in Tanzania, we need all hands on deck! Diversity and Inclusion is therefore all round important. Our guest speaker - Mr. Elpidius Mpanju, Managing Director of Mpanju Fish Farming Company Limited, will share why Diversity and Inclusion works for his business and opportunities for growth in agribusiness particularly fish farming, which is one of the leading economic activities in Mwanza region.

Mr. Elpidius Mpanju is a visionary entrepreneur who has invested in modern fish farming cages in Lake Victoria but also outsources experts from Ukraine to make his business successful and innovative. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations from St. Augustine University of Tanzania. He has been in the entrepreneurial journey for more than five years of trial and errors but has now seen the big picture of his dream.

Karibuni Sana! Let's learn together.